New York Brain Injury Attorney

Have you suffered a brain injury as a result of an accident? Dennis Carrion, Esq. is dedicated to providing you with compassionate representation and helping you recover fair damages from the negligent party. 

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Types of Brain Injuries Resulting from Accidents


There are three main types of brain injury: Those which are mildly traumatic, moderate brain injuries, and severe brain injuries that require 24/7 or long-term care. Regardless of the severity of your injury, you can count on our New York personal injury attorney to go the extra mile on your behalf.

We have seen the effects that a brain injury can have on a person, from sensory loss to physical disabilities. Attorney Dennis Carrion is dedicated to investigating your case thoroughly, proving fault, and presenting your case in a manner which illustrates the importance of full compensation.

We offer representation for cases involving the following types of brain injuries:

  • Occipital lobe injury

  • Temporal lobe injury

  • Frontal lobe injury

  • Brain stem injury

  • Parietal lobe injury

  • Oxygen deprivation

  • Brain hemorrhage



Brain injuries can occur as a result of a wide range of accidents, from car accidents to drownings. It is vital that you seek medical attention right away, even if you do not believe you are severely injured. Brain injuries often do not appear right away or may seem like a simple concussion at first.

The symptoms of an injury of this nature can lead to lasting problems, such as:

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Memory loss

  • Loss of motor function

  • Sensory loss

  • Balance issues

  • Personality changes

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Light/sound sensitivity

  • Difficulties with vision

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